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Towing Trailers

Towing Trailer Lessons in Athlone and Roscommon

Want to get a licence to drive a jeep and trailer? Looking for a reliable instructor for towing a trailer in Athlone? You’ve come to the right place!

Midland School of Driving offers professional jeep and trailer lessons across Athlone and Roscommon. If you intend to tow a large trailer, livestock trailer or a horsebox, you must hold a valid BE licence. If you are found driving a trailer without a BE licence, you can be penalised and even be prosecuted.

We are a fully certified and ADI-approved driving school providing professional training across Roscommon and Athlone.


Towing Trailer in Athlone

Jeep and Trailer Towing Lessons in Athlone

With a category B licence, you are allowed to drive a van, car or 4×4 with a maximum weight of 3,500kg. The licence also allows you to tow a trailer with a maximum weight of 750kg or where the maximum weight is more than 750kg, the combined weight of the towing jeep and the trailer should not exceed 3,500 kg.

In such an instance, you will need a category BE licence. You will also need a BE licence if you are looking to tow a livestock trailer or a horsebox as the maximum weight of these vehicles exceeds 3,500 kg.

Towing without the correct licence is illegal. If caught, you may face hefty fines/points and may even receive a driving ban of up to 2 years.


Learn the easy way Trailer Driving Lessons

Jeep and Trailer Driving Lessons in Roscommon Made Easy

At Midland School of Driving, we take great pride in making lessons fun and educational for our pupils. When you get lessons with Midland School of Driving, you can be sure of confidently towing your trailer.

We not only have experience in trailer towing but we also share
practical knowledge about the laws pertaining to it. With our jeep and trailer towing lessons, you will get a deep dive into all the information you need to abide by the laws when towing your trailer.


Towing Trailer Lesson in Roscommon and Athlone

BE Category Driving Lessons in Roscommon and Athlone

Here are the steps to take to get your BE licence:

  • You should hold a full category B car licence.
  • Pass your category B, C or D theory test. If you’ve already passed a theory test in the past, you won’t have to take it again.
  • Apply for a BE category learner permit.
  • Once you’ve received your trailer learner permit, you are eligible to immediately apply for your trailer towing driving test.
  • Take driving lessons from a professional driving school to acquire all the skills that your driving tester will expect from you to pass the test.

The test is a complete assessment of your trailer towing skills, and not just about reversing your trailer. Our trainers will offer a range of case study scenarios to help you pass your category BE test on the first attempt.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Practice towing with Midland School of Driving's expert guidance. Our towing lessons in Athlone and Roscommon help you master safe towing techniques, ensuring you're comfortable and skilled on the road.
Develop trailer reversing skills through professional instruction. Midland School of Driving offers hands-on lessons, teaching you the precise and techniques needed for confident trailer reversing.
Absolutely, Midland School of Driving provides lessons for towing caravans. Learn caravan towing with our experienced instructors, gaining the skills needed to tow safely and efficiently.